Our service is to the next generation of human beings and to the Earth we all share.


We bring the fun directly to you and run interactive learning sessions for your group.

Health Coaching

Are you concerned about finding what is best practice when it comes to feeding yourself and your family?


These sessions are predominantly hosted online by our CEO, Asher Cloran, and can cover a range of interesting topics about Earth Sciences, Health and Nature.

What Do We Do At Life Rocks?

We utilise our years of research, testing, design and development to create multi-use kits that help parents and teachers to keep kids engaged while they are learning.

Our kids have been formulated with everything you need to be able to deliver powerful learning development outcomes to children aged between 3-7years old.

We are a self funded startup, and we are always optimising our efforts as we go, therefore, if you have any feedback for us, or would like to receive our investment deck, please contact us.

Are you interested in booking in an interactive learning session with our team? Enquire here