Overview of the The Book: Connecting Children to Nature

Asher Cloran

Asher Cloran

Asher Cloran works with science, interactive learning, and human development to educate parents and teachers on Nature connection and how to integrate Nature connection into family life and classrooms.

Chapter 1 takes the reader through definitions of nature, science and technology.

It is established what ‘is’ and what ‘is not’ Nature and Natural.

We take a dive into what technology is good for and what are the threats that it poses to health, learning and the environment.

Some strategies are presented for dealing with technology in the home and classroom.

Chapter 2 guides the reader into what an ideal childhood might be and what we all want most for our children.

Also, we look at how; what we see as ‘ideal’ is shaped by our times, personal bias and culture.

We look at what is the ideal learning space, and how the environment supports learning and development.

Chapter 3 shows how even though ideals may be far away, we can improve development, learning and our environment, through integrating Nature into our spaces and experience.

We see how the teacher and parent, are curators of education and experience for children and how Nature is a great ally in teaching.

Chapter 4 takes a dive into the science behind Nature connection.

Why is Nature so important?

What happens when we become disconnected from the Natural world?

These questions are answered and we see how modern civilised culture has become so distant from the natural world.

Chapter 5 explores how teachers, mentors and parents must lead the way as role models for Nature connection. Leading by example, is the greatest way to teach and through connecting back to Nature as adults, the children will be inspired to do the same.

Chapter 6 gives some great ideas for using Nature in the classroom and how natural elements may be worked effectively into an early learning framework.

Chapter 7 explores the use of plastic against natural materials and how natural materials benefit learning, connection and the environment.

Chapter 8 details the ‘Life Rocks’ Science Kits that we use as a Nature connection tool.

We explore the design of the kits and how they stimulate the various learning styles and abilities of developing children through hands on, interactive Nature play.

Chapter 9 jumps in to how we can connect children to Nature, outside the classroom.

This chapter is great for parents looking for creative ways, to create Nature connection for their children.

There are plenty of practical examples and tips on creating Nature activities and experiences.

Chapter 10 is a Summary and an eagle eye view on the whole story.

What is the future of education and our relationship to Nature and technology?

This chapter helps solidify the reasoning and context for Nature connection and its importance, as we move into the future.

It gives a hopeful, thoughtful and positive projection for humanities relationship with Nature, technology and evolution and how we might create a sustainable future for the Earth and for our children.


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