Health and Lifestyle Coaching for you and your family

Are you faced with challenging health issues that impact your wellbeing or the well being of your family?

Are you concerned about finding what is best practice when it comes to feeding yourself and your family?

Are you wanting to adopt a sustainable and healthy pattern of diet and lifestyle that can support you and your families specific needs?

Then health coaching with Asher, might be the program for you.

Asher has certifications in Holistic Lifestlye Coach level 2 with the CHEK institute, Integrative Movement Specialist level 2 with the CHEK insititute, Holographic Kinetics Kinesiology system, Brain Gym Kinsesiology.

Asher has overcome multiple chronic illnesses and challenges in himself and also with his clients, including:

– Digestive issues – IBS, constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, reflux and bloating. 
– Depression and anxiety
– Issues digesting certain foods – milk, carbohydrates, meat etc.
– Arthritic pain
– Migraines
– Skin issues – Eczema, acne, dry skin
– Energy and motivation
– Sleep issues, interrupted sleep, urinating in the night
– Thyroid issues – low body temperature, cold hands and feet, brain fog, low energy.
– Food allergies and intolerances
– Low sex drive, hormonal imbalances, menstrual cycle issues
– Postural issues, biomechanical issues and recovery from injury or surgery

Health Coaching Sessions and Packages


Currently being delivered by our CEO, Asher Cloran, our sessions and packages can be delivered online or, occasionally in person if Asher is travelling in your area. 

Please read each of the offerings and then use the form at the bottom of the page to send an enquiry and Asher will contact you directly to coordinate timings and payment.

Foundational Coaching

To establish better patterns and practices for you and your family across the 4 key areas of health.

Over 4 sessions, (1 per week for 4 weeks), Asher will introduce you to the 4 Doctors of health 

  1. Diet
  2. Quiet
  3. Movement
  4. Happiness.

These are the only four Doctors you’ll ever need!

Each week will be a deep dive into the teachings of each Doctor and how they can be applied to the areas of your life.

Learning these little known, yet easy to apply fundamentals will upgrade the health of you and your family, giving you actionable steps that will improve the quality of your life through methods that are easy to employ and understand.

This Foundational coaching is a great basic understanding of the fundamentals yet for a deeper dive into more personal or family challenges you will want to take on my Deep Dive coaching program.

Price of 4 week Health Foundations with Asher: $495

Connecting Children and Families to Nature

Do you know that your children need more time in Nature, or connection to nature and do not know where to begin? Do you feel disconnected from nature and worry how that disconnection may impact your child or those that you care or mentor for? Are you wanting to find tips, tricks and facts on nature connection, childhood development and practical guidance on the topic but do not know where to begin?

Asher has written the book Connecting Children to Nature : The Essential Guide for Parents and Teachers – for the very reason of assisting parents, teachers and mentors to weave more nature into the lives of the children they care for and for themselves!

This 1 off coaching includes a copy of Ashers book and a 1.5 hour call where we take a deep dive into the specific challenges, personalities, beliefs and practices that may be inhibiting connecting to nature in a meaningful way. We then work on forming a nature connection roadmap specific to the needs of you and your family, or children.

You will gain:

  1. Insight into the power of nature connection to resolve key developmental challenges and issues such as  – ADHD, tantrums, aggression, excessive introversion, learning challenges and addiction to devices.
  2. Insight into how your child needs specific interactions with nature based upon their age, personality and character
  3. Understanding of how to integrate Nature into your daily routine without major effort

Cost for Connecting Children to Nature cost:

  • $100 for 1st session ( with book postage)
  • $80 / session after the 1st ( as needed)

Deep Dive

To resolve key health issues and develop a personal comprehensive system for dealing with health challenges for life.

This 10 week coaching program is for:

  • People and families that have been dealing with chronic health issues, have seen multiple practitioners and haven’t gotten the results they are after
  • People who want to learn deeply about physiology, biology and nutrition to a level where they can become their own healer
  • People who wish to attain a comprehensive understanding of nutrition and bust all of the health industry myths around dieting, food, supplements and health.
  • People who have tried all of the diets, detoxes, cleanses and rituals and still find themselves stuck with health issues that they cannot overcome.

This comprehensive program will:

  1. Establish clear objectives and paths of action for you to move your health forward.
  2. Involve food logging, reading, study and feedback up to 30 minutes 4 days / week.
  3. Suit people who want to learn how to fish and do not always want to go back to a practitioner to get more fish! ( Ie; stuck going to the chiro for your life, not knowing how to exercise to support your spinal and joint health)
  4. Suit people who have some time and energy for learning new skills
    – Develop in you, a deep understanding and connection to food and your body
  5. Provide multiple resources that will benefit you and those around you for the rest of your life
  6. Suit couples who want to make health changes together or for their whole family.

This program is in depth and is paced at 1 session / week for 10 weeks. Over this 10 weeks we will have a great deal of time to resolve some key challenges and set you on a course for life long positive change. The 10 weeks is necessary, in my experience, to develop and cultivate the necessary attitudes, beliefs, understandings and knowledge in order to learn “how to fish” for yourself and your own health. During the 10 weeks, you have full access to Asher via email, or text message outside the video call sessions heal 1x / week at an agreed upon time each week.

Cost of the Deep Dive Program  – $1260

Household Environment Consulting 

Learn about the various pitfalls of modern living that we can fix through various lifestyle and environmental changes.

This program is for the household owner or parents who wish to take their own personal home to the next level of health. Modern environments are placing constant pressure on our health and many of these issues go unseen or unnoticed as people have grown up in the modern world, not knowing any different.

You will gain a clear understanding and certain paths for positive action in the areas of:

  1. Light in the home and how it impacts circadian rhythms, hormones and health.
  2. EMF and other forms of radiation and what we can do to protect ourselves from their harmful effects.
  3. Kitchen practices that harm and kitchen practices that heal.
  4. Water quality in the home
  5. Preparing the bedroom and home for the best nights sleep possible
  6. Upgrading your office health and making working at home fun and healthy
  7. Working with the garden and nature in and around your home to generate health

This program is tailored directly to the specific needs and challenges of your house hold.
This is a once off session that lasts for 1.5 hours and you will also receive Ashers PDF on healthy households, which includes any products that may be of benefit to you in this process.

Cost for the Household Environmental Consulting  – $150

Let us know which session or package type you're interested in and we will take care of the rest!

View our exciting incursions we offer in certain areas


- 1 hour
- (Elementary/Middle School)
- (Physical)


- 1.5 hours (if incl walk around outside, 2/3 hours)
- (Middle/High School / Corporate)
- (Digital/Physical)


- 2 hours (up to full day)
- Interactive connections with local people doing good things.
- immerse in ones area.


- 1 hour
- Crystals Kit specimens show and tell
- Texture and color awareness
- Common crystals
- Photo slides and questions
- Crystal sorting game


- 1 hour
- Soil Kit show, tell and touch of different soil types
- Reading of the book with cards
- Photo show and tell
- Bean planting take home


- 1 hour
- Freeze game
- Singing bowls and koshi
- Movement and mindfulness sequence