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Asher Cloran

Asher Cloran

Asher Cloran works with science, interactive learning, and human development to educate parents and teachers on Nature connection and how to integrate Nature connection into family life and classrooms.

Some people say, they “are not exercise people” and they say it as if being sedentary suits them better. More horrific, is the sight of lazy kids who whine “I don’t like exercise”.

The modern world supports a sedentary life. In the past, if you said “I am not an exercise type of person” to any of your ancestors, they may have slapped you and handed you the axe and the bucket to fetch wood and carry water.

Modern automation, convenience, instant gratification, lockdowns, fears of the outdoors and new age philosophies keep many modern humans from connecting to their physical body. The body is seen as something to maintain well enough to get you through the day.

Exercise is seen as something that we “should” do, rather than something we ‘love’ to do. But for those who love to move their bodies, these people know that exercise is way more than another task to tick off a list. It is a spiritual practice that builds your mind, heart, soul, community and your physical body all at once.

Today we are going to learn 3 keys to developing an indomitable attitude when it comes to exercise, so that you can stay motivated and keep on coming back, even when life gets tough. This attitude, your children will inherit, as adults lead children by example.

The 1st key of limitless motivation for movement is to find a greater reason for why we move. What separates those who go to the gym 5 days per week, year after year, and those who cancel their gym membership in March after their New Years resolution to get fit fades?

The ones who go to the gym 5 days per week, have decided that “this is how life is”. Those who quit after the New Years resolution motivation fades, have decided that the juice is not worth the squeeze, they are dissatisfied with their results or the ideal self image seems too far away to reach – so they give it up.

So how do you become the person who sees movement as a lifestyle? It is a decision. Decide, right now to create a better reason. Create a reason that is bigger than the 6 pack abs, or the big booty. Tell yourself something like:

“I am someone who moves my body, to improve all aspects of my life. Spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and social health come from my movement practice” If you decided something like this about yourself – your life will change to support this greater vision.

The 2nd key for a sustainable passion for movement is to realise you have to find your own path. The gym works for some people and not others. Some people love to run, whilst others hate it. What lights you up? Even the person who quote “doesn’t like to exercise” has once enjoyed dancing, rollerskating, hiking or horse riding. Do you limit your time spent moving because you simply don’t like the conventionally acceptable forms of exercise?

I want you to remember back to your childhood, or teenage years – what did you love doing? Make an effort to re-explore these areas. Doing sports, activities, skills and performance allows exercise to become natural and gives context to “why” we exercise. All this training in the gym, but what are we training for?

When we have a passionate outlet for our physical expression we amplify all of the key areas that exercise ought to target – Spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and social health. Doing repetitive movements in a gym can bore anyone. Yet, climbing a wall hanging from a rope, or speeding down a bike trail forces you into the moment – you forget that you are “exercising”, your reason to be there becomes greater than the effort that it takes.

The 3rd and final key to a life long passion for movement is learning! Learning keeps us moving forwards. The moment we stop learning in life, is the moment we start dying. Find a coach, class, course, personal trainer, master or a friend who has skills or knowledge you respect.

Make time to go and learn new things. There is always someone better than you, learn from them. It keeps us humble, and motivated to keep pursuing a path where exercise is a passion and not an obligation.

You might be a self learner, in which case, if you want the deep dive on healthy movement, look into : Paul Chek, Simon Thakur, Rafe Kelly, Scott Sonnan, Ido Portal or just follow your nose – what teachers fascinate and inspire you?

If you want a coach, someone to help you find your rhythm with exercise and health, someone who can create a personalised fitness routine, overcome postural challenges, get out of pain, or work on building a movement practice with your kids – I can help – contact Asher at to book in a free consult where we can discuss what you need.


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