Driveway Rocks to Mineral Mandala

Asher Cloran

Asher Cloran

Asher Cloran works with science, interactive learning, and human development to educate parents and teachers on Nature connection and how to integrate Nature connection into family life and classrooms.

Sometimes our every day environments can be brought to life with a little scientific discovery.

Many peoples driveways, backyards, parks, roads, and bushland contain many wonderful colored rocks and mineral specimens.

The video details a few different games that can be played with stones in our local environment.

1 – A sorting and organising game where children can find all the different colored stones they can find, and then collect some more of the same type. They can organise the colors together.

2- Once the colors are organised you can use a resources to discover roughly what type of stone it may be. You do not need to be exact , but you can use ideas like color, particle size, layers, and texture to help you find a similar mineral. Resources to help may be:

A book like – The Complete Guide to Minerals and Rocks – John Farndon ( found at most big book stores)

An app like – Rock check which is very basic but is good for identifying colours and features.

A website like where a gallery of different rocks can help to loosely identify the rocks you may find.

3. Once you have a collection of colored, and organised rocks, you can make a mandala. Your children may want to have them kept in different tubs to continue the sorting games, and rebuild a mandala over and over.

They may also want to stick the rocks to a piece of cardboard, board, or paperbark so it can be kept as a permanent art piece. It is really up to you how you play this game – see the video for a demonstration .

This is a great way to bring potentially the most underlooked aspect of our environment to life – the rocks beneath our feet!

Share if you like this idea, or think someone will benefit from the games.

LifeRocks! Asher Cloran


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