Starting your own natural specimens collection

Starting your very own natural specimens collection is a great way to connect to nature. Help your children to start their very own natural collection. Pick a group of items from nature that fascinate you and bring curiosity into your life. Crystals, metals, insects, living plants, rocks, fossils, bones, shells, plant materials – their are […]

Home composting made simple

Composting needs to be made easy so that we can all make good soil at home. The simplest recipe for good compost is: 2 parts dry leaves (carbon) + 1 part wet vegie, fruit, and animal scraps ( nitrogen ). Collecting leaves for the compost is a great Autumn activity to do, as all the […]

Giant Ancient Trees, Soils Potential, Biodiversity and Our Future

Some of the most awe inspiring organisms on the planets are the ancient trees. Standing underneath them is a humbling event. Their canopy can seem so far away and is a mysterious world in itself. The presence of such a large tree can dominate the land around it. When I visited the largest bloodwood in […]

About Asher Cloran

As a child, my fondest memories were exploring in forests, playing in creek beds, finding groves of mushrooms, digging in the dirt, and building houses in trees. The very first thing I began to collect, and even purchase with my own money – was crystals, metals and gemstones. Nowadays, science based research, exploration and studies […]