A Walk in the Woods

Sometimes we simply need to get out in the woods. The benefits of time spent absorbing nature are well evidenced – for relaxation, wellbeing, health, and clearing the mind. Studies repeatedly show the positive effect on learning, behavior, development and mood that time spent in nature can have on children. Sometimes we can take our […]

Driveway Rocks to Mineral Mandala

Sometimes our every day environments can be brought to life with a little scientific discovery. Many peoples driveways, backyards, parks, roads, and bushland contain many wonderful colored rocks and mineral specimens. The video details a few different games that can be played with stones in our local environment. 1 – A sorting and organising game […]

Nature is our Favorite Classroom

When one looks at the dirt beneath our feet, it seems a most mysterious process to imagine that this apparently mundane “dirty” substance can become the beautiful plants, and dynamic animals and humans that walk the earth. It does not have to be so mysterious, because truly there are fundamental processes that govern this sequence […]

Hello and Welcome

It is an honour that you have chosen to read ‘Connecting Children to Nature’. My hope is to be a guide and an ally in understanding the challenges we face in an increasingly technological world and how Nature provides the answers to the issues we face. This book is a poignant overview of our modern […]