Help your children bring their crystal collection to life with art and science

Learning a bit about our crystal collections from a scientific perspective , can be an awesome way to connect to nature and learn more about our crystals. Helping your child use some scientific websites like and to find out the properties of their crystals and recording them through art is a fun thing […]

Magnets and discovering Metals and Magnetism at home

Our home and life is full of different metals that we use for everyday things. Using magnets is a great way to discover the composition and magnetism of the various metals in our home. Find as many different metal objects as you can find ( silver, gold, copper, steel, aluminum, neodymium, tin, bronze etc) and […]

A Playful Environment , for Future Generations

Over the last week, I attended the National Early Learning Summit , in Melbourne. I was representing and lending the eyes and ears of LifeRocks, to listen and see exactly where the hearts, minds and practices are , of those working closely within the field of Early Learning, so that we can orientate LifeRocks, to […]

Overview of the The Book: Connecting Children to Nature

Chapter 1 takes the reader through definitions of nature, science and technology. It is established what ‘is’ and what ‘is not’ Nature and Natural. We take a dive into what technology is good for and what are the threats that it poses to health, learning and the environment. Some strategies are presented for dealing with […]