Modern treatment of water has it all wrong: here’s how to fix it

For beings that are 70% water, our culture knows so little about water and its mysteries. Our ancestors from all over the world, held sacred the life giving spring water that flowed from the ground. Our modern culture instead treats our water with chemicals, irradiates it with UV, pumps it through old pipes and recycles […]

Collecting Autumn leaves for compost

During Autumn, different deciduous trees will drop their leaves throughout the season. Collecting leaves is not only a fun, crunchy seasonal activity, but young ones also love playing with leaves. Making leaves useful by adding them to kitchen scraps in a 2:1 ratio is even more fun, because it makes great compost! 😉 Turn collecting […]

Creating Your Very Own Metals Book

Sometimes the weather outside isn’t very inviting for a trip into nature. But we still have to come up with entertaining and educative activities for the children to do. . . How about creating your very own book about metals? It is super easy, and a great way to bring confidence in the research and […]

A World Inspired by Play, not by Fear

A warm and pleasant afternoon, my father and I decided to take a stroll into the bush and catch up – as father and son ought to do. We were only 500 meters out of our front door when we stumbled upon what can be likened to a crime scene. The local neighbourhood playground had […]

What is Nature?

“Nature is all that a man brings with himself into the World. Nurture is every influence from without that affects him after his birth.” Francis Galton English Men of Science: Their Nature and Nurture 1875 Nature is everything and everyone. It is the fundamental reality from which all other man-made creations come from. Even that […]