Use Natural Light As Medicine

Light is medicine. People who practice proper use of lighting in their life, are experiencing massive benefits to their mood, energy, hormones, sleep and their connection to nature. Knowing how light impacts our health, mood, hormones and literally every aspect of our life – we cannot return to the darkness of “not knowing” – and […]

Find a life long passion for moving your body

Some people say, they “are not exercise people” and they say it as if being sedentary suits them better. More horrific, is the sight of lazy kids who whine “I don’t like exercise”. The modern world supports a sedentary life. In the past, if you said “I am not an exercise type of person” to […]

How learning about nature in nature creates meaning and joy in our lives.

When one looks at the dirt beneath our feet, it seems a most mysterious process to imagine, that this apparently mundane “dirty” substance can literally become the beautiful plants and dynamic animals and humans that walk the earth. It doesn’t have to be so mysterious, because truly there are fundamental processes that govern this sequence […]

Study Crystals at Home : Crystal Lustre

Crystal lustre is the way in which light interacts with a crystal on the surface of its form. This gives crystals distinct appearances and looks! Looking at different crystal lustres is a great and easy way to get to know the world of crystals with your children. Wikipedia has a good , general overview of […]

Wild Harvesting Mushrooms and Making Mushroom and Ginger Bone Broth

It is Autumn time and all of the forests mushrooms are making their proud appearance. Nourishing Bone Broth is a great way to deliver yummy, warming nutrition for yourself and the family. It is also a great way for children to explore anatomy and the realities of nature, and food. So often in our civilized […]

Weeding made fun for kids and Giving old plants a new home

Seriously though – who likes weeding? Once I learnt about the chop and drop technique of weeding it was a revelation. Having to clean up after yourself sure does takes the fun out of everything… 😉 Seriously , though – The “chop and drop” Permaculture technique of weeding, actually works as a great mulching technique. […]

Book Launch Day 1

Achieved Number 1 Best Seller Status today in Science & Technology Teaching Materials. Thank you to everyone who supported us today.

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