Use Natural Light As Medicine

Light is medicine. People who practice proper use of lighting in their life, are experiencing massive benefits to their mood, energy, hormones, sleep and their connection to nature. Knowing how light impacts our health, mood, hormones and literally every aspect of our life – we cannot return to the darkness of “not knowing” – and […]

Find a life long passion for moving your body

Some people say, they “are not exercise people” and they say it as if being sedentary suits them better. More horrific, is the sight of lazy kids who whine “I don’t like exercise”. The modern world supports a sedentary life. In the past, if you said “I am not an exercise type of person” to […]

Modern treatment of water has it all wrong: here’s how to fix it

For beings that are 70% water, our culture knows so little about water and its mysteries. Our ancestors from all over the world, held sacred the life giving spring water that flowed from the ground. Our modern culture instead treats our water with chemicals, irradiates it with UV, pumps it through old pipes and recycles […]

How learning about nature in nature creates meaning and joy in our lives.

When one looks at the dirt beneath our feet, it seems a most mysterious process to imagine, that this apparently mundane “dirty” substance can literally become the beautiful plants and dynamic animals and humans that walk the earth. It doesn’t have to be so mysterious, because truly there are fundamental processes that govern this sequence […]

Ok so we have all heard the news by now: Soil is amazing – but why?

Soil is the most abundant source of biodiversity on the planet, and 95% of our food depends upon it. We use soil in building, medicine, food and art. The health of the soil in a given environment is keenly reflected in the health of the environment and the organisms within it. Good soil holds water, […]

Study Crystals at Home : Crystal Lustre

Crystal lustre is the way in which light interacts with a crystal on the surface of its form. This gives crystals distinct appearances and looks! Looking at different crystal lustres is a great and easy way to get to know the world of crystals with your children. Wikipedia has a good , general overview of […]

Collecting Autumn leaves for compost

During Autumn, different deciduous trees will drop their leaves throughout the season. Collecting leaves is not only a fun, crunchy seasonal activity, but young ones also love playing with leaves. Making leaves useful by adding them to kitchen scraps in a 2:1 ratio is even more fun, because it makes great compost! 😉 Turn collecting […]

Help your children bring their crystal collection to life with art and science

Learning a bit about our crystal collections from a scientific perspective , can be an awesome way to connect to nature and learn more about our crystals. Helping your child use some scientific websites like and to find out the properties of their crystals and recording them through art is a fun thing […]

A Walk in the Woods

Sometimes we simply need to get out in the woods. The benefits of time spent absorbing nature are well evidenced – for relaxation, wellbeing, health, and clearing the mind. Studies repeatedly show the positive effect on learning, behavior, development and mood that time spent in nature can have on children. Sometimes we can take our […]