Our mission is to reunite children with nature by empowering parents and teachers.

Why We Do We exist?


Increased digitalisation and urbanisation has caused us to lose touch with our natural foundations, catalysing issues in education such as:

  • Attention deficit
  • Declining Child interest
  • Developmental outcomes
  • Educational outcomes
  • Childhood mental health
  • Childhood physical wellbeing

Sensory stimulation feeds the nervous system that builds the brain and body. Nature is the most diverse array of inputs that ever been conceived. Modern environments starve children of sensory inputs because they are are homogenised.

Children in early learning develop best with lots of interactive play, so we’ve designed a range of kits to be played in a variety of ways that support all learning styles and can be used in the class room or the home.

All children deserve to feel safe, secure and supported. This is why Life Rocks products are designed to support the early learning years framework – being, belonging and becoming.

What Do We Do At Life Rocks?

We utilise our years of research, testing, design and development to create multi-use kits that help parents and teachers to keep kids engaged while they are learning.

Our kids have been formulated with everything you need to be able to deliver powerful learning development outcomes to children aged between 3-7years old.

We are a self funded startup, and we are always optimising our efforts as we go, therefore, if you have any feedback for us, or would like to receive our investment deck, please contact us.


We are a group of Health Experts, Geologists and Childrens Health Advocates on a mission to change the face of global education to be centred on connection to nature.

In 2019, Life Rocks changed the way we look at early childhood education with the best selling book ‘Connecting Children To Nature’  by Life Rocks CEO, Asher Cloran.

Since then, the team has been working hard, constantly searching for ways to change the future of children’s education for the better, while keeping kids engaged. Over the coming months, Life Rocks is set to release a number of books and games and interactive experiences that are designed to turn our kids attention away from technology and towards nature, supporting parents and teachers alike in doing the best job they can in sewing seeds for a bright and prosperous future.

Meet Asher Cloran

My most powerful experiences as a child all involved Nature. Experiencing the contrast between a public education devoid of Nature connection, and then a Steiner education rich in Nature connection – left me with strong impressions of what is most important for learning and life.

“Being introduced to nature connection practices awakened my love and passion for it. I came to the realisation that Nature contains many of the remedies that we are looking for”.

On this quest, I have studied holistic health, human development, kinesiology, education and natural sciences. The more I have learnt, the more I discovered the challenges and damages
of modern life on our up and coming generations – and became passionate about helping our culture to overcome them.

After meeting John Rowntree in 2016, I was invited to join the Life Rocks team. John, seeing my passion for earth science education, quickly made me CEO. Since then, the Life Rocks team and I have been working hard to bring joy, education and Nature to early learners, parents and teachers through a series of fun, scientific and interactive books, games and workshops.

Thanks for coming and let’s keep in touch!


ashers speaking experience

Hummingbird Collective Podcast

“Interviewing Asher Cloran was a turning point for my podcast the Hummingbird Collective, The episode I did with him shot to number one most listened episode and remains so a year later.
It was evident that it was the kind of episode people were so touched by & wanted to share with those they cared about in hope it would support their own journey of health.
Asher is an absolute wealth of knowledge, passionate & easefully able to share responses from a range of different angels which I believe to be really valuable for those who are just getting into the realms of wellness.
I learnt so much from our time together & it’s still one of my own personal favourite interviews because of how fun and thorough his explanations are.
His own personal story & journey with wellness is also really inspiring & I really feel we talked so long we could have done a whole series..
His voice also commands attention & he is really easy to listen to.
I couldn’t recommend Asher enough as a speaker, he really is born for it”.
Hannah Vela – Host of the Hummingbird Collective Podcast

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