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Hi, Asher Cloran

In 2019 I was proud to publish my first book with a vision to help re-shape the way we look at early childhood education. ‘Connecting Children to Nature’ went down better than I expected, quickly becoming an Amazon best seller.

Over the last couple of years, I have been working hard in pursuit of bettering our children’s future while keeping them educated and engaged.

I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve been working on over the course of 2021 – games that are designed to turn our kids’ attention away from technology and towards nature.

“Children Need Nature. Parents and Teachers are the gatekeepers to Nature for Children.
In a modern world where we are starved of Nature connection,
Asher Cloran helps people find out what to do, how to do it, and why we do it.”

Asher Cloran works with science, interactive learning, and human development to educate parents and teachers on Nature connection and how to integrate Nature connection into family life and classrooms.


Currently he aims to share his diverse array of skills and knowledge with teachers, parents, and children to share better ways of educating and living through the company of Earth Science Education.

His main goal is to change the face of global education into a human, and earth centred approach to learning and development using natural studies and science.


Asher Cloran, has developed skills in digital media and marketing, writing, scientific research, human physiology, nutrition, psychological development, and natural studies.

He is an entrepreneur having developed businesses in health, sustainable agriculture, hospitality, education, and human performance.

Other speaking

My hope is to be a guide and an ally in understanding the challenges we face in an increasingly technological world and how Nature provides the answers to the issues we face.

This is a poignant overview of our modern times, and how they impact childhood development, learning, our connection to nature, connections to each other and how we interact with our world.

It can help teachers, parents and mentors see clearly the issues with increased technology and how we can manage our relationships with technology for better outcomes.

It covers the science on how nature can improve every aspect of physical, emotional, mental and developmental health of both children and adults.

The book is also a guide that provides solutions, tools, and activities that will help teachers, mentors and parents connect the children around them to Nature, through simple and practical means.

We explore how using the scientific lens of observation and study can become a gateway for increased learning, enhanced interactions, and to instil a lifelong passion for Nature and her workings.

At this stage is our development we mostly aim at early learning and how we can connect those generations to Nature. Yet the wisdom applies for all ages and ‘Connecting Children to Nature’ can show anyone, that truly the solutions to our biggest problems in education, childhood and adult development and environment, can be found in developing strong, loving, and wise connections with Nature.

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