Asher Cloran

Asher Cloran

Asher Cloran works with science, interactive learning, and human development to educate parents and teachers on Nature connection and how to integrate Nature connection into family life and classrooms.

As a child, my fondest memories were exploring in forests, playing in creek beds, finding groves of mushrooms, digging in the dirt, and building houses in trees.

The very first thing I began to collect, and even purchase with my own money – was crystals, metals and gemstones.

Nowadays, science based research, exploration and studies of the natural world, and becoming an expert in the field of learning – has given me the passion for wanting to instil, and share those same passions with the younger generations.

I am a strong believer in the way our connections and interactions with nature as we grow and evolve will shape our personality, interests, and passions in life.

Not only that , but stunning new findings, show how nature positively impacts our biology, health of the brain, and health of connections to the world and people around us.

Similarly, research shows a decline in children’s creativity, feeling of connectedness to the world and others, and ability to learn – that is directly correlated with the use of technology.

Now more than ever I believe in the importance of sharing the gifts of nature, and the love of nature with the world – especially children.

In the face of the increasing pervasiveness of technology in and out of the home for children and adults alike – we must remember our roots – Nature – and care for what is most important – the earth we live on , the nature of our humanity, and the health and wellbeing of the bodies of ourselves and our children.

This is why I created Life Rocks – to share a systematic, interactive, and playful way of engaging children in learning about, and developing a curiosity for the beautiful and rich natural world.

Not only that but Life Rocks shares with teachers and parents alike, the ways in which we can grow and expand our own practices, in and out of the classroom that stimulate that learning, and curiosity for our children – and ultimately ourselves, as who is usually the biggest inspiration to us – but the younger generations, and their growth!

A series of camps for children, parent and child retreats, and teachers’ workshops combine cutting-edge research on how connection to nature impacts brain development, emotional development, and a sense of belonging to provide us with solutions and answers on how to practice, demonstrate and make that connection to nature available – in the classroom, home, and life environment.

The book I have created condenses a decade of studies into the natural sciences, experiential based learning, childhood development, and teacher and parent education into an easy to read, and practical guide – that can help shape the way things are done in and out the classroom, to stimulate the creation of solid foundations for our children’s connection to nature to flourish. All children deserve to have a lifelong, loving and deep connection to the natural world around them.

Influenced by the ideas of Rudolph Steiner, Dr Dan Siegel, and other childhood development experts, the products and experiences that I have designed, are catered to include age appropriate learning strategies, support the Australian early learning framework.

They are interactive, immersive and hands on learning, and most importantly address the many areas of learning that children need to become developmentally well rounded learners – somatic, audio and visual.


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