Ok so we have all heard the news by now: Soil is amazing – but why?

Soil is the most abundant source of biodiversity on the planet, and 95% of our food depends upon it. We use soil in building, medicine, food and art. The health of the soil in a given environment is keenly reflected in the health of the environment and the organisms within it. Good soil holds water, […]

Study Crystals at Home : Crystal Lustre

Crystal lustre is the way in which light interacts with a crystal on the surface of its form. This gives crystals distinct appearances and looks! Looking at different crystal lustres is a great and easy way to get to know the world of crystals with your children. Wikipedia has a good , general overview of […]

Collecting Autumn leaves for compost

During Autumn, different deciduous trees will drop their leaves throughout the season. Collecting leaves is not only a fun, crunchy seasonal activity, but young ones also love playing with leaves. Making leaves useful by adding them to kitchen scraps in a 2:1 ratio is even more fun, because it makes great compost! 😉 Turn collecting […]

Help your children bring their crystal collection to life with art and science

Learning a bit about our crystal collections from a scientific perspective , can be an awesome way to connect to nature and learn more about our crystals. Helping your child use some scientific websites like mindat.org and gemdat.org to find out the properties of their crystals and recording them through art is a fun thing […]

A Walk in the Woods

Sometimes we simply need to get out in the woods. The benefits of time spent absorbing nature are well evidenced – for relaxation, wellbeing, health, and clearing the mind. Studies repeatedly show the positive effect on learning, behavior, development and mood that time spent in nature can have on children. Sometimes we can take our […]

Starting your own natural specimens collection

Starting your very own natural specimens collection is a great way to connect to nature. Help your children to start their very own natural collection. Pick a group of items from nature that fascinate you and bring curiosity into your life. Crystals, metals, insects, living plants, rocks, fossils, bones, shells, plant materials – their are […]

Hidden Pitfalls for Parents and Caregivers of Infants in a Modern World

In our modern world of gadgets and tech, it can be hard for parents to assess and keep up to date with the innovations and how they may relate with their child’s development. Whilst something may entertain and the children enjoy the games, toys, or tech – is it suitable for their brains, bodies and […]

Wild Harvesting Mushrooms and Making Mushroom and Ginger Bone Broth

It is Autumn time and all of the forests mushrooms are making their proud appearance. Nourishing Bone Broth is a great way to deliver yummy, warming nutrition for yourself and the family. It is also a great way for children to explore anatomy and the realities of nature, and food. So often in our civilized […]

Creating Your Very Own Metals Book

Sometimes the weather outside isn’t very inviting for a trip into nature. But we still have to come up with entertaining and educative activities for the children to do. . . How about creating your very own book about metals? It is super easy, and a great way to bring confidence in the research and […]

Magnets and discovering Metals and Magnetism at home

Our home and life is full of different metals that we use for everyday things. Using magnets is a great way to discover the composition and magnetism of the various metals in our home. Find as many different metal objects as you can find ( silver, gold, copper, steel, aluminum, neodymium, tin, bronze etc) and […]